i love finding inspiration:

workin woman

well, i have too much to catch up on. but i will try to sum it up quickly.

leaving springfield was sad, driving away from the familiar streets, the usual hangout places and of course all the friends that came with it. after leaving my haven, i packed my belongings, including my air matress and half my wardrobe, into my sisters tidy dining room for three months. and it is here where i started feeling my awkwardness in my new city, stl. no one told me the transition was this hard. everything comfortable and safe was now big and unknown and i was to take all this on by myself. i have never found myself questioning so many things in so little time. slowly things are getting better. finally i am breaking in this new city and life. i recently moved into a new condo with my sister, including a door and an elevated matress! i also got hired at Atomicdust after my 3 month internship. what a great place, a great beginning to such an open future.

with all these changes i will make sure to keep up.


busy bees

my roommate, kristin, and i decided to letterpress our graduation announcements since we are finally graduating. (i cant believe it) it ended up working out pretty well considering it was our first try, putting our heads together definately helped. above are pictures of the back of her announcements, more pics will come because we are planning on finishing tomorrow morning. later tomorrow i am heading home for a little spring "break." no fancy trips, just washmo for a few days. though i would enjoy laying on the beach basking in the sun, i enjoy getting things done and feeling sort of on task. more to come.


too long.

wow its been awhile since i have written. Since then:: the weather has been slowly developing into amazing outside weather, my comma and "w" key now stick, we have a porch swing, my sister keeps telling me how much she loves chicago and trying to convince me which may not take much, i wonder why i dont go to the antique store every week, have taken out my flip flops for the summer and refuse to put them away no matter how cold missouri chooses to get, sucessfully only drinking diet soda but am still craving mountain dew daily, enjoying my roomate's dog's company and wanting a puppy when i move out, wondering if really i cant get everything done that i am set on over the break.


so fitting

so i have this daily illustration pull off calendar thing and this morning i was very hesitant to pull off yesterday's to reveal today's cheesy, lovey dovey illustration. but when i tore it off, i thought "how fitting."

happy valentine's day.


aspiring baker

so, one would think that after all the cooking shows i watch and the martha stewart addiction, i would have somewhat of a grasp for baking in the kitchen. today i proved that theory wrong. i was so excited about making pretty sugar cookies for my office for valentine's day, though i am opposed to the holiday it was a good excuse to bake. so this weekend i went through all the trouble trying to find the best recipes for the dough and the icing. i had visions of the smooth, pastel cookies that martha makes effortlessly and look so beautiful. then last night i went through the ingrediants and realized i have nothing but butter and water and that this grocery list was far longer than i had wanted to spend. so, long story a little shorter, i decided to buy the log of cookie dough and make the icing so i can still make them pretty, feeling at least half satisfied. today i got home all ready to begin. well, lets just say they came out paper thin, and were not the heavenly dessert that is featured on martha's living magazine covers. the whole stack of 20 cookies stacked only around three inches high. they all can now be found in the trash. i am so discourged i am not going to try again.

i think i will just bring valentines candy and not mention my failed cookies.



iced in

i havent written in forever and so much has happened since i hit the highway before christmas break. i have so much to catch up on and i will try my best to do any of my break justice. the break as a whole has been long and has presented new things to me. if you hadnt heard from all the news reports, springfield missouri got hit really hard by the worst ice storm ever! i have never seen anything like it, it shread ancient trees to nothing but a stick, pulled power lines to be hazardous traps for drivers, whole trees became road blocks, even street light were taken down. the first couple nights i barely slept and just listened to the destruction happen, knowing i could not do anything to stop it. the sound of the limbs breaking and falling through all the iced tree was almost mezmorizing, a rare sound i never want to hear again and likely will never. thankfully our bare house has no trees in the yard so we had no mess to clean up. as i drove around it was depressing to see everything down. its immense impact was/is so indescribable. pictures do little justice to the overwhelming destruction of everything in view, not just the frame of the photograph. we were out of power for eight nights put we were lucky in that some people were out for over two weeks. it definately was a reality check for those days with out internet, cable, and the luxury of your own home. people got really crabby. without all the distractions in our lives it was almost too much for some to handle. anyways... life is trying to return to normal down here, slowly though for sure. once covered lawns of ice and broken limbs are now replaced with high piles of chopped wood along the road.

i have alot more to catch up on: all the books i have read, the new crafts my roommate and i are starting, my chicago trip.... this all may take days.